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Hire a SEO Virtual Assistant to Improve Your Website Ranking

SEO Virtual assistant

SEO has become a very important business strategy in this increasingly digital world. In fact, according to this report, 70% of marketers see it as more effective than PPC. This means that if you want to grow your business, SEO can be a good starting point.

But… if you don’t know about it, you might be asking yourself, what is SEO?

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of improving the positioning of web pages in search engines. That is, basically, SEO consists of a set of tools and strategies to improve the visibility of your website against the competition taking into account the algorithms of the search engines, such as Google. Some of these strategies include the use of keywords, meta tags, inbound & outbound links, copywriting, and social media posting.

How virtual assistants can help you improve your SEO ranking

Of course, not everyone has specialized knowledge of SEO. And that’s where virtual assistants come to the rescue. Hiring a virtual assistant can help you improve your SEO ranking. After all, there’s no one better at helping you grow your business with SEO strategies than an expert virtual assistant with specialized knowledge of the algorithms used by search engines.

What SEO tasks can you delegate to a virtual assistant?

Now that it is clear what SEO is and why a virtual assistant can help you improve your SEO ranking, let’s see what SEO tasks you can delegate to your virtual assistant.

Keyword research

Your virtual assistant can do keyword research for you. This means that the virtual assistant will take care of choosing and using relevant keywords to increase traffic to your website. In addition, a bilingual virtual assistant can also help you with the positioning and localization of your website in other languages. This will make you stand out from the competition and reach the right audience.


Creating web content

Many virtual assistants are hired for content creation. After all, content creation is an excellent strategy for generating web traffic. Your virtual assistant can help you create relevant and interesting content for your customers and prospects. In addition, you can link it to other quality industry-related content to generate trust among customers. That said, your customers will trust your content more if there are outbound links to give context, statistics, or relevant data, which redirect to authority pages. The virtual SEO assistant can even include some inbound links to generate more traffic to your websites.

Updating web content

The virtual assistant already created the content. Now what?… It’s time to update it!

SEO is not only about creating content but also keeping it updated. In fact, one of the algorithms of search engines is relevance and consistency. If you keep your information updated, your page will have a better positioning. You can delegate this task to your virtual assistant to manage your web content while you focus on other business-critical tasks.

Social media management

This task includes posting on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social networks. Also, the virtual assistant may communicate with clients to get feedback, answer some questions, and even build stronger client relationships.

Analyzing the competence

Your virtual assistant can analyze your competitors’ web traffic, keywords, customers, and digital marketing strategies. This in order to determine how you can compete with other companies, what customers are really looking for, and improve your content according to what appears on the results page.

Analyzing the competition can help you better understand the market and boost your SEO according to online trends.

Hire an SEO virtual assistant today!

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