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Hire a Latino Virtual Assistant for Market Research

Virtual Assistant for Market Research

In recent years, the use of online market research has increased, thanks to the increase in the number of users interacting through the Internet. This has made online shopping more popular and hiring a virtual assistant for market research more necessary than ever.

As companies have become more global and virtual, their target audience has expanded far beyond any specific geographic location.

For example, a  company can conduct online market research, distributing surveys, or implementing focus groups; the location of the participants is not as important as it was. This, in a less expensive way, in less time, and collecting a greater amount of data.

What is Online Market Research?

Online market research is a method of data collection that is conducted over the Internet.

With online market research, it is possible to obtain specific consumer information using fewer resources.

So, its goal is to know and understand the customer so well that the product or service sells itself.

Therefore, this market research allows companies to easily and effectively evaluate the performance of a product or service and obtain information on consumer buying behavior.

What is The Purpose of Conducting Online Market Research?

1. Understand the target audience: Who will buy your product or services and how you will create effective strategies to target them.
2. Understand customer behavior: Find out why customers will buy your product or service, what factors influence buying patterns, and how you can use them to your advantage.
3. Find revenue opportunities: Analyze buying trends to find out what the strategy is for brand positioning or pricing a product correctly and increase the likelihood of success.

How Can a Virtual Assistant for Market Research Help You?

Generally, virtual assistants are considered to be in charge of administrative tasks such as managing agendas, handling emails, confirming appointments, among others. However, for some time now they have been specializing in certain functions. This is mainly due to the demand from entrepreneurs and business owners around the world.

The year 2020 marked a before and after in many businesses, accelerating digitization and remote work.

This is how today we can find remote workers such as virtual assistants who have been specializing in areas such as Marketing, Sales, Web Development, among others.

Market research has always been one of the concerns of the Marketing area in companies. Nowadays you can get virtual assistants specialized in tasks such as SEO, lead generation, and market research.

A virtual assistant for market research can help you with the different methods of data collection.

Virtual Assistant for Market Research

Data Collection Methods a Virtual Assistant for Market Research Can Help You With

Data collection for online market research can be done through different tools:

Online surveys

With online surveys, it is possible to collect large amounts of information without the need to go door-to-door or make phone calls.

Online surveys have great advantages, such as the possibility to avoid human errors, collect more information no matter where you are, see the results in real-time, etc.

A virtual assistant for market research can help you create a professional analysis with all the data collected.

Online observation

Through online observation, a virtual assistant for market research has the possibility to examine users’ reactions to brands and the different products and services they offer.

User behavior is analyzed, for example, through log file analysis, cookies, or clickstream analysis. A virtual assistant for market research can also use blogs, for example, to report on user feedback.

Online focus groups

Another very important data collection method that a virtual assistant for market research can help you with is the use of an online focus group.

For instance, the focus group can be an online meeting of 8 to 10 people. Here a moderator, that can be your virtual assistant, asks different predetermined questions to start a discussion and generate information through people’s comments.

Online communities

An online community is a platform where a group of users participate in ongoing studies.

Online communities have many advantages, among them the costs and the ease of collecting information through different dynamics such as surveys, online discussion forums, brainstorming, feedback on products and services, etc.

As in the previous data collection method, a virtual assistant can help you by acting as a moderator in these online communities.

Conducting Market Research with a Virtual Assistant

If you are about to conduct online market research with a virtual assistant, we give you the following tips to achieve it:

1. Define your research objective

Getting consumer feedback on brands has long been a staple of online market research.

To define your target audience you must define the purpose of your research so that your virtual assistant can help you.  Have in mind if this research is about defining your buyer persona, measure customer experience, launch a new product, or maybe get consumer feedback.

2. Use keyword research

Keywords help potential customers find you online and affect how search engines rank your website.

So, it is important to know what are the top keywords people use to find products and services in your niche. Other factors include how much interest these generate and how many competing companies in the market use them.

A virtual assistant for market research is very used to keyword research tools. These tools allow them to find the top keywords for your website.

3. Blogs related to your industry

Blog content moves faster and is updated more than regular websites. So, you can count on the informal nature of blogs and the topics of conversation to give your virtual assistant valuable information about what people want and need.

Your virtual assistant for market research can use targeted search engines to discover blogs that cover your niche.

Virtual Assistant for Market Research

4. Study the competition

Online market research goes beyond knowing your customers. You also need to know who the competition is and know them well.

To clarify, you don’t need to imitate or steal ideas from your competitors. But you do need to know what they are doing in the industry and their impact on attracting customers.

Your virtual assistant for market research can monitor your competitors’ social media and website and present you with a report of her findings.

5. Conduct effective online surveys

Online surveys are a great way to gauge what people think about your brand. This also helps you investigate whether an idea will capture consumers’ attention.

A virtual assistant can help you keeping your surveys short and well-written to capture the responses you need.

6. Conduct professional data analysis

Your virtual assistant needs to conduct a detailed and professional data analysis. This will allow you to identify trends, needs, and suggestions from your target audience.

To ensure the effectiveness of the process, you can share the information that your virtual assistant found with your team. In this way, you can get different points of view and find a solution together.

7. Turn the collected data into a strategy

The ultimate goal of your online market research is to create a strategy that will ensure your brand’s success in the industry.

In other words, it’s not just a matter of collecting a large amount of data and leaving it in the cloud without doing anything. You must make a plan.

Importance of conducting online market research

Online market research has the same goal as traditional research. This is to gather as much information about the target audience, i.e. their opinion about a product or service.

However, unlike traditional research, the importance of online market research is that it allows you to collect as much information without the use of as many resources such as money, time, manpower, etc. That’s why a virtual assistant for market research can be the best ally you can find.

Where to Hire a Virtual Assistant for Market Research?

As we mentioned above, virtual assistants are specializing in many areas today. You can find Virtual Assistants on many platforms working as freelancers and deal with all the selection processes.

On the other hand, you can count on the help of an agency such as There is Talent.

We are experts in creating the best connections between Latino virtual assistants and US business owners.

Do you want to know more about all the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant for market research with us?

Book a call with our director, Claudia!


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