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Having Virtual Assistants is Part of the New Normal

virtual assistants

The new normal seems to be changing every day and we all need to be prepared for it, that’s why so many entrepreneurs are hiring their own virtual assistants!

We are almost at the end of the year and as always, it is common to look back and review the lessons we have learned.

Let’s start by recognizing that  2020 has been a year that most of the world did not expect; we saw things we never thought we’d see and experienced things that didn’t even pass through our versions of the future. 

Still, this year has undoubtedly been one full of reflection, appreciation, attention to the little things in life, and transformation. 

New Normal: Virtual Assistants For Businesses

Some companies were in a recession and others had to close down completely.

A few of them were able to transcend the limitations that represent our new normality around the world.

Even more impressive, more entrepreneurs have emerged in the world than one would expect with a pandemic on the loose. 

Businesses that managed to survive the pandemic realized that the only way to maintain their business was to create a virtual environment from which they could continue to operate. 

Hence, remote teams have become increasingly common to a market that is exploding in a thousand ways.

More companies are creating virtual stores, more entrepreneurs are building their businesses 100% online, small businesses have had to learn to use tools they had no idea existed, and the market for virtual assistants looks better than ever. 

virtual assistants

However, there is a warning in this story and it has a lot to do with what happened when the use of the Internet as a research tool increased, back in the ’90s.

With so much information, so much demand and so much offer, it is common that both virtual assistants and business owners, have to undergo a certain amount of searches, investigation, and comparison of both’s needs in order to find what they are looking for: the perfect working match. 

Therefore it is important to keep in mind certain aspects when it comes to incorporating businesses into the virtual environment and even more so, hiring remote staff:

Make Sure you Need Virtual Assistants and for What Tasks

A practical exercise you can do is to list all the tasks that have become repetitive but necessary for the proper functioning of your strategies to make the business grow, such as content creation, online community management, data entry, customer service, among others. 

New Normal Check: Your Resources and Virtual Assistants

Having one person taking care of all the minimal needs of the business sounds wonderful, but how is your budget? 

Sometimes it’s not so tight, but I’m sure you agree with us that cutting costs is always a good thing. Even if your budget is not so tight, is not bad to be able to save money when you invest in a virtual assistant who lives in Colombia, for example, instead of paying for an assistant in the US, and on top of that, you can count on a person who will work on the same time zone. 

Integrate your Business to the New Normal with Virtual Assistants

In this new era of virtual work, it can be a little more challenging to get ways to regulate and know the status of your employee, so it is imperative to learn to work with tools like Teams, Hangouts, Zoom, Trello, Skype, among others.

Let’s face it, the way of doing business has changed and it’s time to keep up with the new ways

Although some people will return to their physical offices, the trend of remote teams will continue to grow.

virtual assistants

Here some considerations to take into account about remote work: 

Decrease in stress due to traffic

Not having to leave home represents a saving for both remote workers and employers.

Let’s not forget that working remotely, diminishes chances of being late or absenteeism.

Increased productivity 

Research shows that remote workers are 33% more effective than on-site workers. This is because remote workers are able to create a comfortable, distraction-free, and inspiring work environment.

Staff retention

A bad working environment is the main cause of resignations in companies.

When workers have the opportunity to create their perfect workspace, they are more relaxed and less likely to change jobs. Your employees relocating does not affect your business. Keep that in mind!

Despite the benefits of having a VA, some business owners are overwhelmed by the amount of information they currently get. 

Fortunately, there are companies that specialize in recognizing the best human talent for the right client. 

At There is Talent we target the best profiles in the market, based on aspects such as education, work experience, technological proficiency, entrepreneurial skills, and social skills.

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