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Get a VA in U.S. Time Zones for your Real Estate Business

VA in US Time Zones

Working with a VA in U.S. time zones is one of the main benefits of outsourcing to Latin America.

Among them, we can highlight: working with a team in the same time zones, cost, and time savings. In addition, Latin Americans are very familiar with the American culture and in some countries, they live it on a daily basis.

One of these countries is Colombia, the place where we established our base of operations.

Colombia is one of the countries in Latin America that is most open to investment by American companies. This has created a perfect environment for training more citizens who are looking for a different lifestyle than the average.

And what exactly does that mean? In the midst of the pandemic, Colombia was one of the most efficient responders among all the BPO bases in the world. That is, when many other BPO branches were closing, like in Manila, in Colombia they quickly found solutions for their clients.

This is how very quickly the BPO world in Colombia became a base of remote and now hybrid work operations.

How Your Real Estate Business Benefits from a VA in U.S. Time Zones

Let’s start by clarifying that in Asia you can find VAs that will accommodate your schedule to work during business hours in your time zone; however, many more VAs prefer to keep their regular hours, which can represent a loss of opportunity for you and your business.

Specifically, we know that many VAs in Asia have started charging more for their night services. This is mainly because, in places like the Philippines, there are many BPO companies that offer daytime work. The result of this situation is that the number of quality VAs to outsource at low costs has decreased.

So basically you are left with two options: one is to pay more for services and the other is to look closer to home.

VA in U.S. Time Zones

In Latin America, you can find everything you are looking for and much more since the BPO world has grown in the last decade. Latin Americans are becoming more prepared to have access to better job opportunities; this represents a gold mine for American businessmen who do not work efficiently with Asian VAs.

Latin American VAs not only represent a cheaper labor force than a regular employee but also offer innate benefits to the Latin culture:

Quality Customer Service

Latin Americans are known to be some of the friendliest and most cheerful people in the world, and it shows in their customer service. So if you need support in this area, you won’t find a better option than a VA in U.S. time zones.

Familiarity with American culture

As we mentioned earlier, a VA in U.S. time zones, i.e. Latin American, is going to be more familiar with the American culture simply because it is closer and has a direct influence. This makes the Latin American VA more likely to connect with your clients in sales, support, or any other area.

Ease of communication

If you have worked with Asian VAs you will know that sometimes there can be a lot of problems in terms of ease of communication. There are two main reasons for this: one is the time difference, and the other is that Asian VAs, especially Filipinos, have a reputation for disappearing when meetings are needed. Many people inquire that this is because they tend to avoid conflict.

This is somewhat uncommon in Latin VAs and in fact, the opposite may be true. That is, a VA in U.S. time zones may actually promote greater communication with their clients. And given the ease of working on the same schedule, it can promote that organizational culture where meetings are never lacking.

VA in U.S. time zones

Tasks a VA in U.S. Time Zones Can Perform

When it comes to Real Estate, there are many tasks that a VA in US time zones can help you with, here we will mention some of the main ones:

Cold Calling

We know that in order to reach the highest amount of leads, we need an effective combination of inbound and outbound marketing. In that sense, a VA in U.S. time zones can support you in reaching out to potential leads.

A VA can easily work 20 hours a week focusing only on cold calling and lead qualification. This already puts you well ahead in your business and allows you to have the time to dedicate to your priorities.

Community Management

Another of the main functions to be performed by a VA in U.S. time zones is the management of online communities.

You should already know the benefits of maintaining a strong online presence that connects you with your ideal audience. And this is precisely a task that requires attention to detail and quick and efficient responses to your entire community.

Calendar and email management

Attending to your clients and potential leads is always a priority. By having a VA in U.S. time zones, you can make sure that your emails and calls always get attention.

Where to find a VA in US Time Zones?

There are mainly two ways to get a VA in U.S. time zones, one is through directory platforms like Fiverr or Upwork. Another way is through outsourcing agencies like There is Talent.

The main difference is that with Agencies, you save recruiting time and gain the security that the job will always get done.

At There is Talent we have monthly plans where we offer you support and follow-up as well as a VA backup.

Learn more about our plans and book your strategic call right now!


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