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Get a VA for Facebook Outreach and Boost Your Sales!

Virtual Assistant for Facebook

Are you trying to get more leads for your business but you don’t want to spam or annoy people? Consider developing a proper Facebook outreach strategy as your best option.

Facebook has roughly 2.91 billion active users, this is the reason why it’s so important for brands to position themselves on Facebook since it allows them to make massive connections with people all over the world. 

Hiring a VA for Facebook outreach can boost your lead generation and get you in touch with the right people in an efficient time. 

How to Develop a Proper Facebook Outreach Strategy?

Just like for any project, the first step you need to take when developing your Facebook outreach strategy is to define your objective. Deciding what you want to accomplish first can make the job for a VA much easier.

Your goal will determine who she/he will be contacting and interacting with. These people will become your prospecting list. If your VA is getting in touch with random people, your outreach strategy will most likely be ineffective. 

These are some objectives you could establish for your Facebook outreach strategy:

More Followers

Having a large number of followers on Facebook does not necessarily translate into sales. Regardless, it can help position your brand in the market. Buyers often look at a brand’s followers to find relatability before making a purchase.  

Increasing Facebook Engagement

Just like followers do not guarantee sales, they also do not guarantee engagement. Engagement is determined by the actions your followers take when they see your content. Some examples are likes, shares, and comments. 

Ultimately increasing your engagement will increase the number of people that are seeing your brand. Page Insight provides a lot of information your VA for Facebook can use to learn about your audience and the content they are interested in. 


Creating a Prospecting List

We know that for most business owners, having a prospecting list full of qualified leads is their main objective when outreaching.  A VA for Facebook can help you create a useful list of leads by finding prospects that relate to your product or service. 

How your Virtual Assistant for Facebook can Make your Profile  More Appealing for Prospects

The first thing a person will do before engaging with you on any social media platform is check your profile. From the information found in your bio, to the content you share on your page. 

Having a presentable Facebook profile can increase your chances of forming connections and make you gain engagement from the right leads. 

Here are some important factors your VA should consider when setting up your Facebook page.

Use a professional profile photo

Consider your profile photo the piece of your page that will be seen the most. Choose an image like your logo or a personal photo that has good quality and makes people perceive you the way you want them to. 

Provide Accurate and Updated Information

Explain who you are and what you do. Provide people context about your business and add a place where you want them to contact you. Some ideas are a link to your website, a business number, or an email. 

You could also consider adding where your business is based and other details that showcase your brand. 

Upload a header

The businesses that take their time to add a header to their Facebook page automatically appear more professional. Your VA for Facebook can create an interesting and striking header through graphic design platforms like Canva.

How to Get a VA for Facebook Outreach?

In the world of virtual assistants, there are general and specialized virtual assistants. In the case of a virtual assistant for Facebook, you should think about a virtual assistant specializing in lead generation. They are the most qualified people to manage your CRM, contact clients, create content, and do everything you need to generate leads.

You can get them privately, that is, through freelance directory platforms or through agencies such as There is Talent.

The main difference in the hiring process is typically the time you spend on it. With a freelancer directory platform, you have to dedicate yourself to the selection of the ideal person for the position. One of the important and sometimes overlooked details is that you can’t always find the expected quality of work.

The benefit of working with a VA agency is that you can be sure that even if the VA you hired does not meet all the requirements, he/she can be replaced. 

At There is Talent we take this policy very seriously because we always want to provide you with the best Spanish-speaking VAs in the market that provides you with impeccable quality of work, but most importantly results. 

If you want to learn more book a strategic call with our director Claudia today!


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