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Discover the Benefits of Hiring VAs in U.S. Time Zones

VAs in U.S. Time Zones

One of the main drawbacks that many entrepreneurs encounter is working with VAs in different time zones than their own. Instead, hiring VAs in U.S. time zones is improving communication for these American entrepreneurs.

The Challenges of Growing a Business

While it’s true that the challenges the pandemic brought to the business world have been many, it’s also true that many visionaries took up entrepreneurship during the pandemic. And many others have been adapting more to the digital world. Thus, we have realized that remote work is representing many benefits for both new entrepreneurs and for those who had already created their companies.

In addition to all the factors that have affected work since the pandemic, we can also find new opportunities. Businesses have been transforming into a win-win practice.

Remote work has multiplied and with it, the possibilities to save hiring costs and improve time management.

How VAs in U.S. Time Zones Are Helping Entrepreneurs

Virtual Assistants have been around for at least 30 years. And like everything else in the world, it’s an area that has been evolving. As the world has changed and the demand in the business world has changed, those offering services have had to adjust.

At this moment we can find VAs all over the world that are not only in charge of secretarial tasks but more specialized ones. This is how we can see VAs specialized in marketing, sales, accounting, content creation, among others.

Specifically, VAs in U.S. time zones are improving the way American entrepreneurs do business.

The VAs that naturally work in US time zones are the Latin American VAs. While Filipino VAs became a favorite, they do not offer as many benefits as Latin VAs.

VAs in U.S. Time Zones

VAs in U.S. Time Zones Offer More Benefits than Asian VAs

There is Talent’s story begins with our director doing her MBA in Miami, where she met many entrepreneurs. She soon realized that most of them were working with VAs in Asia, specifically in the Philippines. Although the work was always quality, working with Filipinos presented a major challenge in communication.

In the Philippines, the time zone has a 13-hour time difference from US Central time. This means that many Filipino VAs must work at night. There are some benefits to this time difference, such as while an American businessman is sleeping, his business is working for him. However, many Filipinos are charged a night fee if they are asked to work during American business hours.

The other main communication problem many Filipinos may have has to do with their climate. Between August and December, every year, it is typhoon season, which unfortunately brings with it many natural disasters.

The main problem with this is that during typhoon season, there can be a lot of problems with electricity and the internet. This makes Filipino VAs have to rely on a lot of extras to be able to deliver jobs on time. And this is if they are working on a different schedule than their clients in the US.

On the other hand, if we are talking about a Filipino VA working night hours to accommodate American working hours, they may have more inconvenience during typhoon season.

Main Benefits of Hiring VAs in U.S. Time Zones

Once you have decided to hire a virtual assistant, you need to make sure you get the right person for the position.

In other articles, we have mentioned some of the main factors to take into account to make a good hire.

At There is Talent, we offer outsourcing services that allow you to not only connect with ideal candidates for your company, but we make sure that your objectives are met.

Virtual assistants, in general, offer significant cost savings and improved time management.

Let’s see why:

Cost savings

Virtual assistants represent lower expenses than regular employees. You start saving on hiring costs, health insurance, vacations, among others.
If you also focus on VAs in U.S. time zones, you will achieve greater savings because they are cheaper than U.S. VAs.

Savings Virtual Assistants

Improved time management

All virtual assistants help improve time management for your clients. This is mainly because they take care of all the administrative tasks. Tasks that are very necessary but time-consuming.
Every entrepreneur who hires a VA realizes that the ROI is much higher than the investment in hiring them.

Smooth communication

As we mentioned earlier, VAs in U.S. time zones is one of the new trends for entrepreneurs in the U.S. This is because, in addition to bringing basic benefits such as cost and time savings, they also improve communication in the workflow.

VAs in U.S. time zones are highly skilled people who deliver quality work, just like the Philippines or India; with the added bonus that you don’t need to pay a night surcharge or that you can work in the same working hours as her.

In a nutshell

Hiring VAs in U.S. time zones is one of the best investments any entrepreneur in America can make. Latin American VAs are professionals trained to deliver quality work while helping to save costs and time. That precious time that you could be spending focusing on strategies to grow your business.

If you are looking to hire your first VA to leverage your business, we invite you to schedule a strategic call with our director and learn what our team can do for you!


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