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Consider Hiring a Pinterest Virtual Assistant for Your Business!

Pinterest Virtual Assistant

It’s no surprise to any entrepreneur that social media is one of the best ways to connect with potential customers. With Facebook, Instagram LinkedIn, and Twitter being the main networks that are taken into account, sometimes others are often overlooked. Here’s why hiring a Pinterest Virtual Assistant can be an excellent strategy for your business.

What is Pinterest?

Basically, it is a visual discovery platform. Pinterest allows its users to discover useful and relevant things that inspire them to take action.

The history of the platform began in 2010 with the aim of helping people collect the things they were passionate about on the internet.

Pinterest is like that typical cork board you used to use to pin photos, reminders, get inspiration of places to go or things you wanted to buy. The only difference is that you can store everything on an online platform instead of your beloved corkboard.

It has gradually become a digital planning platform for people to discover, share and organize creative ideas from around the world.

Pinterest’s Purpose: Who Is It For?

As we mentioned, Pinterest is a platform that allows its users to save content that inspires them or invites them to take an action such as shopping.

By taking the above into account, companies began to take into account the benefits of the platform to promote products and services.

While it is true that Pinterest is a perfect ally for e-shops, it has also been a perfect ally for selling services of all kinds. This, if you know how to curate and optimize the content in a way that can drive sales and connect with users.

For this reason, a person who enters Pinterest looking for inspirational phrases can find the services of a coach. You can also find everything from a marketing agency to cleaning services accounts.

Pinterest Virtual Assistant

Why use Pinterest?

There are many reasons why you’ll want to ride the digital corkboard wave! Consider that it’s a platform with around 500 million users worldwide and approximately 50% of them are located in the US.

As we mentioned earlier, Pinterest has become much more than just a platform for saving images. Pinterest is now offering similar benefits to Facebook and Instagram for promoting content, for example.

Let’s review some of the top reasons why you should consider using Pinterest in your marketing strategy:

1. It’s free just like many other social channels and allows you to generate organic traffic to your website.

2. Branding: it helps build and reinforce your brand image. This is the perfect platform to tell customers who you are and what you are about, visually.

3. It allows you to be discovered! The pins you create will help you gain visibility in searches relating to your area. And since the pins connect to the original source, you get that wonderful organic traffic we mentioned in the first point.

4. Long-lasting content: unlike other social channels, the pins on your boards don’t disappear after a while. Pinterest offers you the great bonus that once you create a board, your pins will stay there and can be found in related searches. If you’re looking for an extra tool for your content strategy, this is it: create boards. They work like visual blog posts.

How Can a Pinterest Virtual Assistant Help You Stand Out?

Virtual assistants are becoming more and more specialized in strategies that support business growth. As a result, the last few years have seen an increase in virtual assistants specializing in a couple of social channels. The most sought-after version is Virtual Assistants for Social Media.

So what can a Pinterest virtual assistant do for you and your business?

A Pinterest virtual assistant can handle a variety of tasks depending on your needs. Let’s take a look at some of the main ones:

A Pinterest Virtual Assistant Configures and Optimizes Your Business Profile

As with all social channels, you need to tell users who you are, what your visual identity is, what you offer, and in what way.

A Pinterest virtual assistant takes care of setting up and optimizing your business account to make it easier for you to be found in searches related to your field.

Pinterest Board Curation by a Pinterest Virtual Assistant

Pinterest is a visual platform and therefore you need to know what type of content is optimal for your account.

A Pinterest virtual assistant helps you by creating collaborative boards with other brands and users. This way you aim to generate traffic to and from your account.

Pinterest Virtual Assistant

A Pinterest Virtual Assistant Creates Visual Content

While it’s true that many virtual assistants are limited to handling Pinterest only, others can offer you a broader service. This way, not only are you ensuring that you’re maintaining curated and optimized content, but you’re offering value to your followers.

Your own pins are the best resource for driving organic traffic to your website or blog and driving your pipeline forward.

Reviewing Analytics is a Crucial Part of a Pinterest Virtual Assistant’s Job

Pinterest analytics have changed a lot in the last few years and now you can count on more detailed reports. These allow you to measure the effectiveness of your marketing strategies on the platform and adjust them if necessary.

A Pinterest virtual assistant can focus on outbound clicks and identify where Pinterest users are moving to your site. Likewise, you can observe how much time they spend on the page they land on.

Hiring A Pinterest Virtual Assistant

It is normal that in these times of a high supply of remote workers, it becomes a bit overwhelming to get the best option for your business.

That’s why there are agencies that specialize in outsourcing services like There is Talent. Here we take care of the cumbersome selection processes and give you the best experience with Latin American talent.

Our Virtual Assistants are hand-picked individuals with excellent skills to be part of your team.

Schedule a strategic call with our director, Claudia to learn about all the benefits we have to offer!


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