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Colombia: The Best Place to Hire Virtual Assistant Services


Colombia is one of the hot spots in the BPO industry that has been expanding after the pandemic.

And let’s be honest, outsourcing is one of the best investments you can make to help you grow your business.

In 2020, we realized how important it is to work with remote teams, as well as verifying that they can be as productive as on-site teams.

All business owners know that there comes a point where they find themselves with repetitive tasks.

This is where the tasks are delegated. But the question is: should you hire someone to work with you on-site or should you consider remote staff for your company? And if remote, should they be on-shore, off-shore, or nearshore?

Let’s take a quick review:


Refers to the human talent that you can get in the same country of residence. The advantages of such include being in the same time zones and speaking the same language. However, the costs for remote onshore staff are by far more expensive than offshore or nearshore staff.


This is remote personnel working from outside the country and probably in another continent. This is where we see why countries like India or the Philippines became so popular for outsourcing tasks;  the prices there could reduce to one-third or fourth of what you’d pay for onshore personnel. However, offshore personnel, although very well qualified for the positions, have a time difference that creates communication problems.


Is the best of both worlds because it represents qualified personnel, cheaper than onshore, and in the same time zone. Clearly, the nearshore staff is the best choice for US business owners.

You will have good communication, productivity, reduced costs while maintaining and boosting the expansion of your company.


Now regarding Latin America, why can Colombia be the best option to hire outsourcing services, specifically virtual assistants?

Let’s dig a little deeper here:

BPO Rising

In the last decade, Colombia has seen a 56% growth in available positions in the contact center sector, a 49% increase in the number of BPO jobs, and a 55% increase in call center jobs. What does this mean? This means that the BPO sector has been becoming an important source of employment in Colombia. Therefore, its citizens have been increasingly preparing themselves to secure one of these highly demanded positions.

In 2020, the contact center companies and the Government of Colombia made agreements to open thousands of vacancies to Colombians and boost the economy that has been so affected by the world crisis due to Covid-19.

This is how Colombians are encouraged to prepare themselves to excel in positions within the BPO industry.

Even though Colombia is one of the Latin American countries most focused on bilingualism in its educational system, this is certainly one of the greatest motivators.

The Government of Colombia maintains an active and open position so that American companies see the country as a place where they can easily do business.

Customer Service comes naturally in Colombia

Colombians are also characterized by their high sense of commitment to customer service. Surely you will want to have a kind, empathetic professional helping your customers so they know how important they are for your business.

colombia virtual assistant

Colombia and its competitive costs

In addition to all this, research conducted by Wipro Consulting indicated that Latin America offers a worldwide opportunity for salary reduction through salary arbitration of approximately 30% compared to Western Europe and the United States, with the most favorable cost-benefit ratio being offered by Colombia and Argentina. However, at this time, Argentina does not have an economy as stable as Colombia, so Colombia is definitely the best option in Latin America in terms of costs as well.

BPO has been part of the Colombian culture for years and in 2020 it has become stronger than ever. Therefore, Colombia is not only an incredible opportunity to reduce costs, work with bilingual, highly qualified, professional, and committed personnel, but it also represents an opportunity to grow your business.

Let’s just say that Colombia has been the hidden jewel of Latin America in terms of BPO and right now we are seeing its brightness.

Virtual Assistants in Colombia

Young professionals in Colombia have had to learn various disciplines to excel in the field, which makes them highly qualified to perform various tasks. In addition to this, let’s take into account the need for young professionals to be in control of their lives, and that includes their profession; therefore, thousands of young people are inclined to alternatives such as virtual assistance where they can control the way they work.

Every day more and more people join the movement of remote work and the feeling of freedom they have.

Being able to work from anywhere with a good internet connection is priceless for these young people. So they strive to make this their main source of income and a lifestyle they intend to maintain.

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