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Best Virtual Assistant Companies in Latin America: The Ultimate Guide

Virtual Assistant Companies

In recent years, Virtual Assistant companies have emerged in Latin America in response to demand from American entrepreneurs. And we have seen an expansion of the VA market specifically since the mid-2020s.

The pandemic among all the challenges it brought us also offered many opportunities to change the way business is done. As a result, virtual assistants have become an important part of startups in the U.S. and especially if they are from Latin America.

The main difference between VAs in Latin America and VAs in the US or Asia is that Latin VAs offer both cost savings and US time zones. In other words, they are the sweet spot between the benefits offered by the US VAs and Asian VAs.

What are the Virtual Assistant Companies in Latin America?

We can find two types of Virtual Assistant companies in Latin America; one is VAs directory platforms and the other is VAs agencies.

In the first category we find the following platforms:

1. Workana
2. Remoteco
3. Fiverr
4. Upwork

In the second category we find the following agencies:

1. There is Talent
2. Virtual Latinos
3. Valatam
4. UAssist.Me

Both types of Virtual Assistant companies in Latin America offer particular benefits that each entrepreneur can discover.

Want to know more? Keep reading!

Knowing the Virtual Assistant Companies in Latin America: Platforms

The main differentiating factor between platforms and agencies is that platforms connect you directly with candidates. This, however, can be both a benefit and a challenge.

Let’s learn a bit more about the most popular platforms to connect you with VAs in Latin America:


It is a platform for freelancers from countries such as Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, Uruguay, Mexico, Venezuela, Paraguay, and Honduras.

How does it work?

You post your project with a description of what you need.
2. When you receive the proposals, you review the profiles that best fit and you can contact your freelancer in real-time.
3. When you get your ideal VA, you make the payment and the platform holds it securely.
4. The freelancer or VA performs the work and receives the payment release.

At all times you can communicate with your freelancer through the services offered by the platform.

Freelancer rates range from $3 to $80 USD per hour, depending on the specialty.

outsourcing to Virtual Assistant Companies


This platform offers three plans that allow you to access more benefits according to the one you choose.

How does it work?

1. You choose your type of plan
2. You publish your project with all the details of the charge.
3. Contact prospects if you have a Professional or Premium plan.
4. You hire and follow up.


Free: you can search and find remote workers on the site but you cannot contact them. You are only allowed to publish 1 project per month and you have the option to save your favorite prospects.

Professional: costs $69 USD per month. You can post 3 projects per month, receive instant posting approval, and can contact up to 50 prospects.

Premium: This plan allows you to publish up to 10 projects per month and costs $89 per month. You get instant publishing approval and can contact up to 500 prospects. One of the best options is that you get access to a time and web monitoring tool with screenshots.

Freelancer rates range from $3 to $50 USD per hour.


It is one of the most preferred platforms for companies and freelancers worldwide. Currently, Fiverr has a specialized option where you can get a catalog of verified freelancers for special jobs. However, it is more difficult to get a VA in this modality.

How does it work?

1. You post your project for free.
2. You receive proposals, review the profiles and you can contact the right prospects.
3. You make the payment for the amount of the project and it will be released once you have approved the result.

With Fiverr you have 24-hour support in case of any inconvenience.

Prices vary according to the project, there is no hourly rate.


Like Fiverr, Upwork is one of the most popular platforms in the world to get remote talent. They offer two modalities: access to the directory or request a recruiter.

How does it work?

If you opt for directory access, the steps are the same as on all the other platforms:

1. Publication of the project and details of the position.
2. Review of profiles and contact of prospects.
3. Hiring and securing payment through the platform.

UpWork has two types of plans for companies, Basic and Plus. With the Basic plan, you can access profiles, contact prospects, hire, pay securely and receive support. With Plus, in addition to the same benefits, you get reports, assistance in the hiring process, and job monitoring.

On the other hand, if you opt for the recruiter, you get a service similar to that of the VAS agencies.

In this case, you will need to:

1. Register and request a meeting with the recruiter.
2. Explain your specific needs at the meeting.
3. Interview top matches and hire.

Rates range from $3.5 to $200 USD per hour depending on specificity.

Virtual Assistant Companies

Getting to know the Virtual Assistant Companies in South America: Agencies

As mentioned above, VAs agencies and platforms are not the same. VAs agencies are specialized in selecting the right talent according to your needs. This way, you save a lot of time, which translates into saving money as well.

Let’s get to know the main VAs agencies in South America:

There is Talent

It is based in Bogota, Colombia. It offers customized virtual assistance and outsourcing services for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and solopreneurs in the United States who need to reduce their workload.

How does it work?

1. You request a free strategic call with their director, Claudia.
2. At the meeting you explain your business requirements.
3. You interview top matches and hire your ideal VA.

There is Talent has three monthly plans:

10 hours per week: costs $499 per month.
20 hours per week at a cost of $799 per month.
40 hours per week at a cost of $1499 per month.

All plans include bilingual Virtual Assistants (full or part-time), technical assistance, weekly reports, and a fully equipped workstation.

Additionally, the full plan includes a dedicated supervisor who will ensure that your Virtual Assistant performs well; implementation assistance; and a backup VA in case the VA needs to be replaced for any reason.

The Virtual Assistants offered by There is Talent can perform a variety of tasks depending on their specialty:

General Assistant

Administrative tasks
Sales tasks
Appointment setting
Outbound calls
Lead generation
Contacting potential customers

Marketing Expert

Market research and surveys
Marketing reporting
Marketing consulting
Inbound and outbound support
Data analysis

Social Media Management

Instagram management
Community management
Content creation
Campaign management
Social media integration
SEO / inbound traffic
Conversion strategies

Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Outbound / cold calling
Lead generation
Lead Nurturing
CRM/Data Entry Management (Sierra Interactive, GGMS)
Content creation: property listings, newsletters, lead magnets.
Market research

There is Talent is one of the few Virtual Assistant companies that is actually located in Latin America and knows its talent in depth.

There is Talent

Virtual Latinos

Virtual Latinos is a platform focused on connecting entrepreneurs, teams, and agencies from the United States, Canada, and the world with virtual assistants and virtual marketers from Latin America. Its virtual assistants work in Latin America within the same time zone or with a minimum time difference from the United States.

Virtual Latinos offers 2 ways to hire virtual assistants:

1. Through Virtual Latinos agency: at least 40 hours per month, which is about 10 hours per week, starting at $8/hour.

2. Through Virtual Latinos directory: Membership to hire from their directory starting at $3/day/assistant, paid quarterly.

Virtual assistants are bilingual and are classified into basic, specialized, and expert virtual assistants.


UAssist.Me offers virtual assistance to professionals in different areas, including technology, real estate, consulting, designers, developers, advertising, personal assistance, and more. It is an El Salvador-based company and can customize work to any time zone in the United States or Canada.

Virtual assistance services are available in three plans:

1. 20-hour plan: $399/month 2.
2. Shared assistant: $959/month
3. Full-time assistant: $1,598/month

UAssist.Me offers bilingual, university-educated virtual assistants. Their motto is “Not Offshoring, but Nearshoring” because the US dollar (USD) is their official currency and virtual assistants work in US time zones.


Is a London-based agency that operates mainly with talent from Venezuela. Its virtual assistants are generally university professionals and some of them are trilingual.

As with any other agency, the process is the same:

1. Schedule a discovery call.
2. Explain the company’s requirements
3. Interview the match found and hire

This agency offers bi-weekly reports, administrative monitoring of the assigned VA’s performance, and upgrade, downgrade, or cancellations at any time.

The prices of their plans are only explained in the discovery call.

What is the Best Virtual Assistant Company in Latin America?

The simple answer is: it depends on your needs.

We have already understood that there are two types of Virtual Assistant companies in Latin America, the platforms and the agencies.

If you are one of the people who prefer to be involved in every aspect of the selection, you can opt for the platforms. It is important that you are very clear that you are going to dedicate a lot of time and energy to the process. If you are still willing to do it, you already know the best platforms to get talent in Latin America.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a VA urgently and you don’t have time to dedicate to the details, your best option is an agency. Agencies know what your needs are and what the job of a virtual assistant is like. By opting for an agency you have more guarantees regarding the quality of your VA. In addition, with agencies like There is Talent you can count on weekly reports and constant monitoring. This way you forget about having to babysit your VA and you can check your results!

What Benefits Do You Get with Virtual Assistant Companies in Latin America?

As we mentioned at the beginning of this guide, hiring from Virtual Assistant companies in Latin America offers benefits like no other option.

Let’s see why:

Cost Savings

1. VAs in Latin America are equipped with a remote office, so you forget about office equipment purchases.

2. At the same time, Latin American VAs represent lower labor costs than American VAs.

3. Virtual assistants in Latin America work by the hour or by the project. Forget about contracts and health insurance payments, vacations, etc.

cost saving with Virtual Assistant Companies

Time Management

A Latin American VA with a basic level of tasks (such as administrative) frees up an enormous amount of time. The time you can use to focus on what requires your sole attention (such as developing strategies for your company’s growth).

Ease of Communication

Latin American VAs work the same working hours as you!

You can forget about having to schedule specific meetings because your VA is not working in your time zone. This is one of the main reasons why working with a VA in Asia can be complicated.

Unless you hire a VA to do night shifts, your best option is always a VA in Latin America!

How to Choose Between the Best Virtual Assistant Companies in Latin America?

Now that you know the best options, it’s time to choose what best suits your needs.

There is Talent is an agency with talent mostly located in Colombia. They offer advantages such as the neutral accent of Bogota, the friendly personality of Colombians, their similarities with the North American culture, and their experience with the U.S. and Canadian markets.

In addition, you will find virtual assistants with expertise in digital marketing, business, customer service, content creation, and much more.

There is Talent is a fast-growing company thanks to its dedicated team that caters to its clients’ needs at every stage. They make sure everything runs smoothly and address any issues (if any) with professionalism and urgency.

For all this and more, we recommend hiring the services of a virtual assistance agency like There Is Talent.

If you are ready to be more productive and grow your business, don’t waste time and book a strategic call with Claudia!


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