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Benefits that Startups and Entrepreneurs Can Enjoy With a VA

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When Startups and Entrepreneurs Should Outsource

Whether you’ve been one of the lucky ones with startups being launched in the midst of the pandemic, or if your businesses had been around for a while now, you’ve probably realized there are more things you need to do as things get bigger.

There are many tasks that are necessary for the foundation of a business to run smoothly, and when you don’t have an organized system of execution, your business is likely to stagnate.

This is the point at which many entrepreneurs realize that they must start delegating to an on-site team or start outsourcing, depending on the requirements and preferences of their companies.

The New Normal for Business Owners

With the arrival of the pandemic, we have seen at a global level that it is completely possible to work with remote teams without compromising the productivity of companies.

In some cases, there have even been improvements since employees are calmer, in control of their work, they have reduced the amount of time away from home and in general they have a better quality of life.

It is always worth remembering that a happy and satisfied employee produces the best results.

In addition to all this, business owners have also learned that there are many ways to keep their employees well-managed thanks to a huge range of tools that help them monitor, collaborate and create in teams.

Cost-Value Ratio for Startups and Entrepreneurs

Nowadays, whoever needs to hire staff taking into account the cost-value ratio is leaning towards outsourcing. In the case of entrepreneurs or start-up owners, we see that the best option is virtual assistants.

It’s not just us saying this; entrepreneurs at the top of the game say it too. They saw that they needed to leverage their business by securing their investments.

When they started working with virtual assistants, organizational routines changed completely and their businesses began to grow with a stable base.

Virtual Assistants for growing business

What does a virtual assistant do?

A virtual assistant can perform several tasks and there are many professionals in the market that can specialize in one area, or you may find people who have specialized in virtual assistance as their profession; therefore, they handle a handful of tasks that are essential for most entrepreneurs. Administrative, accounting and marketing tasks are some examples of the basics that a specialized VA can handle.

Some VAs have attended modern schools that have taught them everything they know. These are schools that were created by some of the first VAs in the market who realized it was a growing trend. Therefore, they became entrepreneurs when they were previously hired.

Other VAs are professionals in certain sectors and can support business owners in more specific tasks. For example, a specialized VA can be a professional in the accounting area or a marketing expert or even a person who has studied business administration and can help with strategies for the growth of the company.

As you will see, there is a wide range of professionals to choose from and there will certainly be someone tailored to you.

Benefits of hiring a virtual assistant for startups and entrepreneurs

Cost Savings

A virtual assistant represents incredible savings thanks to many factors:

  • They cover your operating costs: internet, workspace, and necessary equipment.
  • You save money in recruitment, training, and retention processes when you hire a VA specific to your company’s requirements.
  • If you also hire a nearshore virtual assistant, you will be receiving the benefits of lower prices than a VA in the United States.

Virtual Assistants save money

Improve time management

If you think that a VA can help you in many ways to save costs, check out these ways in which they can support your startups for better management of your time:

Managing databases: whether we are talking about a database of prospects and current clients of properties, of the online audience, your virtual assistant can take care of one of the most time-consuming tasks in all companies and this can automatically free up a couple of hours for you in your day to day.

Manage your mail: if your business has been growing, you will surely have an important demand that sometimes can reach your mail, as well as other important communications from suppliers or customers. Depending on what is dispensable for you, your virtual assistant can take care of the mail you assign to them while you take care of what you need to handle yourself. If there is no such need, then your VA can help you free up the space to read the emails and answer them.

Agenda management: one of the main functions of virtual assistants some years ago was the execution of secretarial tasks such as managing agendas, calendars, appointment confirmation calls, among others. Well, your virtual assistant can also be in charge of managing your agenda and also help you keep reminders so that you don’t miss any commitments.

In short

A virtual assistant can help you with any task that your business requires. The important thing is that you are clear about what your goals are and the tasks that you need to outsource to accomplish them.

We know that the process of finding a virtual assistant can be demanding. That’s why at There is Talent we love supporting entrepreneurs like you.

We specialize in finding the perfect match for your business needs!

The process starts by booking a call with our director Claudia where you can tell her all your company’s requirements and we will verify in our database the ideal person for you or if you have no more questions, you can select the plan that adjusts to your needs and we’ll take care of the rest!

What are you waiting for to start the climb to success for your company?


  • Looking to scale your business more quickly?
  • Are you overloaded with administrative tasks?
  • Would you like to free up more time for business strategy?

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