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Benefits of Working With a Latino Virtual Marketer

Latino Virtual Marketer

A Latino Virtual Marketer is not a general or executive virtual assistant; rather, it is a marketing professional who has decided to work virtually. A trend that is growing thanks to the opening that the pandemic has given to remote work.

While it is true that for more than a decade opportunities for digital nomads have been created, in 2020 there was an acceleration in digitization around the world. An acceleration in both the education and business development sectors. This is how we are now seeing an increase in the offer of remote professional services.

What Is The Difference Between a General Virtual Assistant and a Latino Virtual Marketer?

General virtual assistants are people who have some experience in the digital world, and can generally be trained to fulfill specific functions.

Virtual marketers are a kind of specialized virtual assistants, generally, people who have studied the subject and have some experience in the field.

What Does a Latino Virtual Marketer Do?

It is a person who develops and executes digital marketing strategies to maximize the benefits of promoting a product, service, or brand.

Their goal is to increase sales by identifying areas of need and proposing goods and services that have the greatest positive impact on their clients and consumers.

What are the Tasks They May Have on a Daily Basis?

#1 Plan and coordinate marketing activities.
#2 Develop and follow the marketing program.
#3 Perform tasks necessary to fulfill the overall marketing strategy.
#4 Identify potential customers.
#5 Develop campaigns.
#6 Organize focus groups for clients and companies.
#7 Create content for blogs, social networks, and websites.

Content Creation

How Do They Connect with Consumers?

They generally focus on consumers’ interests. They take into account the consumer’s needs, wants, buying style, and budget in their tactics. Marketing campaigns and plans use detailed audience segmentation strategies to deliver the right messages at the right time.

What are the Benefits of Hiring a Latino Virtual Marketer?

Let’s start by mentioning that there are three main benefits you get with a Latino virtual marketer:

#1 Remote work: as we mentioned before, remote work has become almost a must for many companies around the world. This brings many benefits such as cost savings.
With an employee, you would have to think about many details and costs related to hiring, such as health insurance, office equipment, sick days, among others. However, by working with a person in virtual mode, you save all this and much more!

#2 Time zone: working with a person living in Asia is not the same as working with a Latin person, especially if you have an American company.
One of the main reasons Why There is Talent was born is because of the need of many entrepreneurs to have teams working in the same time zone. It is not the same in terms of communication and it may even be less expensive to work with a Latino than with someone in Asia. Latinos do not need to cover night shifts to work with an American entrepreneur, so there is no overhead to worry about.

#3 Professionals: As mentioned above, a Latino virtual marketer is a specialized person. These people have studied and have had experience in the field of digital marketing. It is not the same to have to train someone for the functions as to have a fully trained person for the position. And that’s the beauty of remote work; you can have professionals who deliver quality work and also represent less expenses for your company!

How Can a Latino Virtual Marketer Help your Business?

Digital marketing is a very changing and demanding field. With every change in social networks, search engine algorithms, and demands in the digital world come new strategies from time to time.

That is why having a virtual Latino marketer can be of great help to support both the planning and execution of digital marketing strategies.

Let’s take a look at some of the tasks that a virtual marketer can fulfill:

#1 Content creation

This is one of the biggest reasons why you should rely on a virtual marketer. Content creation is one of the most time-consuming tasks. Whether we are talking about blogs, social networks, or websites. Content creation requires many important details, such as knowing the brand, the focus of the content, the audience, among others.

#2 Create or manage a sales funnel

While it is true that we are talking about marketers instead of salespeople, it is also true that marketing and sales work together. Without marketing you can’t sell and without sales marketing would be just non-profit. A marketing professional can help you create or manage an efficient sales funnel to convert your customers.

Sales funnel

#3 Social Media Management

Social Media Managers, even more than Community Managers, are another task in high demand nowadays. Social networks are so vital for any business that if you don’t have at least 2 social networks, you are not considered an authority or relevant person. A marketer can be in charge of managing online communities, listening to the audience, solving doubts, and creating a closer connection with consumers.

#4 SEO

SEO is a cornerstone of digital marketing and there is not a single company that can afford to share unoptimized content. A virtual marketer can take care of optimizing all content, defining keywords from research, and in general, strengthening SEO practices in your company.

In conclusion

Working with a Latino virtual marketer is not an opportunity you could have had a couple of years ago.

It is time to take advantage of all the opportunities that have opened up in the business landscape. And having professionals that deliver quality work, in your time zone and save you money is a no-brainer.

At There is Talent we have an incredible pool of human talent focused on a variety of areas. One of the most common is digital marketing.

If you want to learn more about what our outsourcing service has to offer, book a call today!


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