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Benefits of a Virtual Assistant for Financial Advisors

Virtual Assistant for Financial Advisors

Financial advisors are professionals who help others meet their financial goals in the long or short term. If you have a big dream like buying a new house or paying for your kid’s college, it’s the perfect moment to find a financial advisor to guide you. Most of the time, financial advisors are independent agents who handle all of their clients’ work by themselves. If this is your case and you require an extra hand, consider hiring a virtual assistant for financial advisors. Let’s analyze how this decision makes your business more successful and productive. 

What is a Virtual Assistant for Financial Advisors?

It’s important to know that a VA can’t perform the same job as a financial advisor. Registered advisors must carry the Series 65 license to legally offer their services to the public. Nonetheless, there are other administrative and marketing tasks you can delegate to a virtual assistant to save money, time, and effort. 

What Tasks to Delegate to a Virtual Assistant

Increasingly, financial advisors are providing a larger portfolio that includes everything from management to insurance products. With having a wider portfolio comes more work and responsibilities but we want to highlight just two.

Organization and Efficiency

As a financial advisor, you have to manage a lot of important paperwork from your clients. Bank statements, 401 k, and tax returns are just a small portion of the documents financial advisors need to analyze from their clients. Not being organized enough might cause you stress and make you less productive.

Virtual Assistant for Financial Advisors

A virtual assistant for financial advisors can help you keep all of your client’s documents in one place. VAs are organized people by nature and are used to handling a large number of documents at once. Without a doubt, a virtual assistant will make your business more efficient and organized, boosting your sales and getting you and your clients better results.

Marketing for Financial Advisors

If you think your marketing plans have been failing in the past, it might be because of the lack of time invested or resources available. Hiring a virtual assistant for marketing saves you time and puts your business in the hands of professionals. There are many types of marketing you can implement to get more clients. Some that stand out within this industry are inbound and outbound marketing. Let’s analyze them. 

Inbound Marketing for Financial Advisors

This marketing method is based on providing content to potential clients to make it easier for them to find you on the internet. This is achievable through the use of content marketing, SEO, SEM, email marketing, and other social media techniques. 

Combining these techniques with advanced marketing automation and web analytics tools can get you closer to the end goal; increasing sales and organically attracting more people. A virtual assistant can help you create all the content required to move your visitors into the next step of their buyer journey, a purchase.

Virtual Assistant for Financial Advisors

Outbound Marketing for Financial Advisors

Another way to gain more clients it’s to simply reach out to them! This process requires more steps and time invested but a virtual assistant for financial advisors can be in control. Outbound marketing is all about initiating a conversation with a potential client. One popular outbound strategy is ¨cold calls¨, which consists of forming a list of prospects to call to make connections to make a sale.

At There is Talent we have a team of virtual assistants that are ready to help you make those connections. When you decide to ¨cold call¨ you need to hire someone eager and prepared to face difficulty. This sales task can result in various customer responses, even though acceptance is the ultimate goal; hang-ups or even verbal attacks are to consider.

Persuasive is a word that defines Colombians, they are prepared to endure constant rejection while still hustling for a ¨yes¨. Having them join your team can boost your company’s success rate while developing a long-term relationship with your clients

Steps To Follow When Hiring a Virtual Assistant

If you are ready to hire a virtual assistant for financial advisors, you can get them privately, that is, through freelance directory platforms like Fiverr and Upwork or through agencies such as There is Talent.

With a freelancer directory platform, you have to dedicate yourself to the selection of the ideal person for the position. One of the important and sometimes ignored details is that you can’t always find the expected quality of work.

Without a doubt, the best place to find a virtual assistant is in Latin America, mainly because of the time zones but also because of the familiarity with the American culture. There is a growing demand for virtual assistants in Latin America because business owners have discovered their potential, which is characterized by positive personalities and strong work ethic. 

In Latin America, you have highly trained, customer service savvy, and bilingual people who are time and money savers.

At There is Talent, we are proud to have an incredible team of virtual assistants that meet all of our clients’ requirements. 

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