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Attorneys Are Outsourcing These Tasks to Virtual Assistants

Attorneys outsourcing

Attorneys as many entrepreneurs, need to take care of many non-core tasks that can be very time-consuming or repetitive, but there is always a solution for that: outsourcing.

Let’s be honest for a moment, you know there are things that no one tells you when you are studying, such as the difficulties that arise when you begin to develop your own practice. And it’s not just the most difficult cases that may arise, but the details that are necessary for an office to remain standing in spite of the circumstances, and hopefully grow.

While it is true that not just anyone can or should work with you, it is also true that there are many basic tasks for which you do not need a secretary, especially in these times when we do not know for sure how a business will develop, if there will be major restrictions affecting working in person or if the impact on the economy will also create an impact on your business.

With all of the above in mind, many attorneys have begun to outsource the simpler tasks that allow them to keep their business running while helping them free up time to focus on the more important details of their practice.

Attorneys Managing their Practice

Unless the study of law is something that runs in your family’s veins and you are used to seeing how a law practitioner’s office works, it probably didn’t occur to you in law school that you could end up immersed every day in an enormous amount of minimal tasks necessary to maintain a practice. Surely you saw yourself practicing law, meeting with clients, having an office, and leading an ideal life, right? You certainly didn’t think you’d find yourself drowning in a bunch of pending tasks, agendas to check every day, appointments to schedule, and not to mention offering your services on social networks, constantly creating content to maintain an online presence, or designing a website.

None of this comes to mind when we are studying; we always think about the final destination. But all these tasks are necessary to get there. Let’s just say they are the gasoline of the car that takes you to your desired destination.

For this reason, virtual assistants have become the most precious resource for many attorneys because they make sure that your car’s tank is always full and from time to time they provide a complete service so that you don’t have any inconveniences along the way. They can even help you get to your destination faster.

Attorneys Virtual Assistant

So let’s review some of the essential tasks a virtual assistant can do for you:

Appointments for Attorneys

One of the main tasks of a virtual assistant is to keep you up to date with all your commitments. You won’t have to worry about forgetting an appointment or not being able to confirm a meeting. Your virtual assistant will make sure that your agenda is well organized so you can be ready for everything on it.

Managing Calls

Your virtual assistant can take care of receiving calls to your office as well as making the necessary calls to all the people you need to communicate with on a daily basis. Your virtual assistant is a perfect balance between a personal assistant and a specialized worker.

Social Media for Attorneys

We talked about it before: your practice is for focusing on your cases and clients, not for creating content or listening to your audience online. For that, you can count on a virtual assistant to take charge of creating content for your social networks and interacting with your audience daily. Remember that being present online is a strength for your business and your credibility is also evaluated by what people say about you on the Internet. Having a person in charge of verifying your reputation is one of the best investments you can make for your law practice.


Speaking of online presence, it is very important that you have your own website optimized to generate the best leads that turn into clients. A virtual assistant can keep your webpage updated and optimized, as well as create content for your blog so that you can display your expertise.



Whether it’s to confirm appointments, read a newsletter, or actually create content for your own newsletter, you can count on your virtual assistant to take care of organizing and keeping your emails up to date.

Research for Attorneys

Not all research requires a degree in law. There are many types of research that a virtual assistant can do for you while you focus on others that do require your knowledge and experience.

As you can see, hiring a virtual assistant is one of the best decisions you can make if you want to free yourself from excess workload, improve time management and have more possibilities to focus on growing your business, as well as having some free time for yourself, which you very much deserve.

If you want to start the process that will lead you to a better quality of personal and professional life, book a call today with our director Claudia who will help you with any questions and will find the perfect match for your business needs!


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