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A Day in the Life of a Latino VA: Daily Tasks That Help Your Business

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If you haven’t yet worked with remote teams, you’ve probably wondered how they can be productive and achieve results. In fact, the life of a Latino VA may be unfamiliar to many entrepreneurs.

Nowadays there are many tools to manage remote work and thus, get them to do all the necessary tasks; of course, having an accountable and efficient team is the cornerstone of all this.

There are business owners who are used to working with on-site staff, but given the current circumstances, it is increasingly necessary to learn how to work with remote teams.

If you still have doubts about whether this type of team can be effective, here we share with you what a day in the life of a Latino VA looks like:

Morning Routine of a Latino VA

After finishing her personal morning routine, which may include exercise, reading, and breakfast, a Latina VA will begin her work routine by reviewing the daily to-do list.

Many of our VAs work with project collaboration tools like Asana or Trello. This way, their superiors will have created a list of tasks to execute on a daily basis.

Many companies also work with fairly routine workflow systems which allows a Latin VA to focus on the most important tasks in the morning.

Initial Report of a VA Latino

A virtual assistant who is in charge of taking calls must report at the beginning of the workday and connect to the necessary line to start helping customers.

If we are talking about a virtual assistant who does not receive calls, she can start her workday by reviewing the day’s pending tasks in an organizational tool such as the ones mentioned above.

Latino VA

Preparing Management and Monitoring Tools

Some clients prefer to keep track of the exact hours worked and rely on other monitoring tools. Some of them take screenshots of virtual assistants to report what the person was doing at the time and confirm that they were performing work tasks.

A VA Latino with monitoring tools such as Time Doctor must log in to the software to start the workday and report hours worked.

Functions of a Latino VA

Virtual assistants who are in charge of customer service, i.e., answering calls, generally have to perform functions such as:

1. Documenting calls
2. Performing all activities inherent to the customer’s request. Some of them may be to review invoices, shipments, records. All depending on the sector in which the client who has hired them, works.

A virtual assistant who does not take calls may be in charge of:

1. Contacting prospects
2. Create new entries in databases (CRM).
3. Writing articles for a blog
4. Designing images for social media posts
5. Conduct market research.
6. Listen to what people are talking about your brand.
7. Create email marketing campaigns, Facebook or YouTube Ads.
8. Manage website maintenance
9. Schedule calls
10. Prepare reports
11. Provide technical support via chat or e-mail, among others.

Depending on the client’s needs, a Latin virtual assistant can work by specific schedules, by blocks, or by projects, that is, by tasks to be delivered by a certain date.

A Latino VA will generally be working on an hourly basis in Central Time, which is very beneficial for employers located in the United States.

A Latino VA’s Time Off

One of the most important parts of a Latino VA’s routine is free time. By this, we mean their break and mealtimes. While it is true that there is a set schedule, it is also true that they must have space to rest in the middle of the day.

One of the most efficient ways to work is based on the Pomodoro technique. A VA Latina can work from 1 to 4 consecutive 25-minute sessions and take breaks of 5 to 25 minutes. This is a technique that has been proven to promote productivity for remote workers.

Latino VA

Daily Report of a Latino VA

Generally, a VA Latina delivers a daily report of the tasks performed, the time spent for their execution, and any pending activities.

This is part of efficient management and monitoring of the execution of tasks to achieve results. In other words, it is a practical way to monitor the ROI on a daily basis and take necessary actions in case the daily objectives are not being met.

At the end of each week, it is equally important to deliver the report of the week’s results according to each entrepreneur’s strategy.

Which Are Your KPIs and How Does a Latino VA help you?

If we talk about social networks, you can check the growth of each network, interactions with users, conversion to new customers.

If we talk about your sales business we can check the calls made or leads contacted, the response rate, and the sales made.

As you can see, the journey of a virtual assistant can vary depending on the area in which their employer’s business is developed; however, most of them must comply with the same processes: initial report, development of activities, final report.

It is essential to take into account the effective use of the necessary tools so that all tasks can be performed as smoothly as possible.

If you want to know a little more about this topic, we encourage you to review our article on the subject.

And if you have already decided that you want to delegate your tasks but you still don’t know where to start, you can book a strategic call with our director, Claudia, and you will clear all your doubts to start working in a more effective way for the expansion of your business!


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