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7 Ways a VA Can Support Your Business’s Economy

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Support your company is our main concern, that’s why in this article we share 7 ways our Latino virtual assistants can help you leverage and grow your business.

Let’s say you are starting to expand your business and suddenly the tasks are endless. There is a lot to do and very little time, so you decide to integrate a person into your team.

You have thought about the options and realize that hiring staff can be one of the most cumbersome and time-consuming activities there is.

And it is totally true; the process of recruitment and selection of staff can take a lot of time if you do it yourself or cost a lot of money if you hire a recruiter.

Getting a new member in your team doesn’t have to represent a high cost to your business!

That is why hiring a virtual assistant can be the best solution to support your bsuiness.

Support for US Entrepreneurs

There is Talent is an agency that can take care of all those cumbersome processes you would rather not deal with (such as recruiting and selection of personnel) and it is one of the best options in the market when you take into account the time/cost-quality ratio.

We are convinced that virtual assistants are the best support a business owner can have when they want to grow. They represent a small investment for a huge amount of benefits that we have mentioned in other articles.

Here we want to be a little more detailed in the benefits that a virtual assistant represents when it comes to saving costs:

#1 Lower Prices For the Same Service

Let’s start with the obvious. Compared to a virtual assistant in the US who can charge $20-$75 per hour depending on the specialty, an offshore virtual assistant may be costing less than $10 per hour.

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#2 Work by project

You can save money when hiring a virtual assistant for a particular project instead of paying for hours. It is an option that depends on the type of work you want your virtual assistant to do.

#3 Save on training

When we start a business, we need to cover different areas to make it work. You likely won’t do everything by yourself; but what do you do when neither you nor your team knows how to tackle specific tasks such as content creation?

The obvious answer is to hire an expert in the field. But not everyone does this.

A number of organizations offer virtual training programs to help their teams learn the necessary skills and handle the tasks; but what happens when the cost of this represents more of an expense than an investment?

Let’s keep in mind that while it is always a good idea to learn new things and have your team with you, it is also necessary to understand that sometimes the best thing to do is to invest in outsourcing instead of trying to do everything in-house.

#4 Improves Customer Support

You can hire a virtual assistant to perform customer service tasks. This person can be a great support for your company by answering your clients’ questions and solving their problems, which results in income, retention, and upkeep.

#5 Recruitment Expenses

Hiring a virtual assistant is not the same as hiring a permanent employee for your company. You save time and training costs, plus working with a virtual assistant generally means forgetting all the cumbersome processes and legal obligations such as payments of health insurance, life insurance, vacations, and settlements.

#6 You Don’t have to Support Other Employee Expenses

In addition to what was mentioned in the previous point, you also want to keep in mind that virtual assistants are paid for their executed work. If they are sick, it is not your responsibility to pay them and unless they have agreed otherwise. Your virtual assistant is not going to be receiving work bonuses, something very common in companies with their permanent employees.

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#7 Work Area

A virtual assistant requires no investment in a work area (desk, chair, lighting), internet connection, or spaces of leisure.

So, if she wants to change her place of work, she can go to a café or work from the terrace of her house.

Now let’s say she wants to exercise, then she can go to the park or she can do it at home.

If she wants to distract herself for a while, she can watch TV, meditate, do yoga, wherever she wants, and this costs you absolutely nothing.

In short

A VA mainly represents an investment because it helps you to focus on the most important tasks such as strategies to grow your business while the basic and repetitive tasks are handled by an efficient person who feeds your business base. This helps you both to save expenses in your company and to expand your business which is definitely good news for your economy.

So what are you waiting for?


  • Looking to scale your business more quickly?
  • Are you overloaded with administrative tasks?
  • Would you like to free up more time for business strategy?

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