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7 Ways a VA for Realtors Can Help Them Improve Time Management

VA for Realtors

Time management can be a real challenge for most realtors but with the help of a VA, it is a piece of cake if they have the right person to count on in post-pandemic times.

Let’s remember that 2020 was a year that affected most businesses in the world, some for the better and some not so.

The real estate sector was no exception. Today we see how the market is being subsidized again as demand is focused on moving out of the big cities to less inhabited areas in an effort to avoid the chaos created by the pandemic.

If you’re in the US real estate industry, now is the time to hire a virtual assistant to help you manage this fluctuation for your benefit.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

It is a person specialized in performing administrative tasks mainly, but you can also find virtual assistants who are highly trained to handle accounting, marketing, customer support, etc., who work from a remote location.

At There is Talent, our team is located in Colombia which is a great benefit for U.S. realtors since they work in your same time zone which facilitates communication and monitoring of tasks.

Why Should You Consider Hiring a VA for Realtors?

First of all, all virtual assistants represent savings for anyone who hires them. If you consider hiring a virtual assistant in Latin America, you have the benefit of a completely bilingual staff permeated by the American culture for years, working in the same time zone and at a fraction of the cost of what a virtual assistant charges in the U.S., not to mention the savings they represent if you compare them to a personal assistant on-site, as such a person you would need infrastructure, equipment, pay for services such as electricity, internet, etc. There would be costs related to payroll, insurance, vacations, and everything that comes with the hiring package of an employee.

Keep in mind that most buyers today are millennials who are used to using the Internet to make all their purchases, including their next property. So, it’s important to stay relevant. And in a market that is highly competitive, it can sometimes be overwhelming to take care of all the little details needed to keep the business not only running but at the top of its game.

VA for Realtors

How Can a VA Help Realtors With Time Management?

Data Entry

As you probably already know, it is very important to pay attention to details. If you make a mistake or lose a prospect’s data, it can represent a lost sale. A virtual assistant is not only an expert in paying attention to details but has the time to cover this task perfectly for you. In this way, you are ensuring that you have all the information on your prospects and you have saved yourself the amount of time this task takes.

A VA for Realtors Will Take Care of Appointments

It is quite obvious that whenever you need to arrange meetings with buyers and sellers, you can spend much more time than you want to coordinate this. If you have a virtual assistant, they can take care of the calls and emails needed to set up all appointments. You only have to worry about showing up at the agreed-upon time and place. Your virtual assistant will even remind you of all your commitments.

Researching the Market

The market is constantly moving and real estate prices may fluctuate in a very short time thanks to factors such as the general state of the economy in the country, the migration rate, and the levels of supply and demand. Your virtual assistant can take care of keeping your property valuation information up to date for you.

Events Coordination

Every time you need to schedule a property showing, your virtual assistant can take care of all the details such as coordinating the house arrangement with the necessary suppliers, creating professional presentations, making materials to share with your assistants such as brochures, organizing catering; in short, all the details necessary for your event to be a success.

VA for Realtors

A VA for Realtors Can Take Care of Bookkeeping to Improve Your Time Management

If there is one thing that is common to all businesses and indeed to all people in the country, it is keeping track of expenses and cash flow. This is a task that is not very desirable. In fact, is one of the most outsourced tasks in the world. Besides that, it can be a little cumbersome and very time-consuming, which would be time better invested in keeping track of a secure prospect.

Stock Tracking

With the increasing competition in the market, it is more relevant than ever to stay up to date, and stock tracking can become an advantage for your business. Your virtual assistant can have all the necessary resources to obtain valuable information about your competitors such as sales and rental listings, which in the end can be data that makes the difference when negotiating.

Social Media Presence

As we have mentioned before, most buyers today are millennials who make all their purchases online. This means that it is in your best interest to maintain a strong online presence.

Your virtual assistant can be in charge of creating content to be published and also interact with your audience. It is very important that your prospects find you available and open for business.

Think about the time you need to listen to your audience. Don’t you think a virtual assistant is a better person for this job?

So do we. That is why we have selected a group of specialized professionals dedicated to meet the needs that you and your business have.

Don’t hesitate and book a strategic call today with our director Claudia to start the process that will help you scale your business like never before!


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