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7 Pieces of Content a Real Estate VA Can Create For Your Business

Real Estate Content Creation

Content creation can be one of the most time-consuming tasks anyone can deal with, that’s why having a real estate VA can help you save time and focus on the important stuff.

Why Having a Real Estate VA is Good for Your Business

Most of the time real estate agents, as well as any other business owner, need help to keep their business running. No one can create, maintain, and expand a business on their own. They will always need to delegate tasks to people specialized in planning and/or executing them.

In these times of reinvention, it has become more common to use virtual assistants around the world because they represent a lower cost compared to an employee in a physical workplace. In addition to this, there are all the differentiating agents that each person, according to their preference and strategies, will take into account when choosing the ideal candidate.

For example, if you want your business to be running 24 hours a day, you can hire personnel in different parts of the world. If you prefer someone who is working at the same time as you, it is better to find someone who is in your same time zone. If you are interested in saving even more, you can count on nearshore virtual assistants which you can find in Latin America. With this, you can be sure that you will be getting the same service that an onshore assistant offers you but for a lower cost.

So why continue developing your business by yourself when you can rely on specialized people to help you not only maintain the foundations of your business but to expand it?

A Real Estate VA Can Help You With Cumbersome Tasks

Today, different types of industries have discovered the value of virtual assistants to increase their productivity, and the real estate industry is no exception. This industry is using more than ever the talent and skills of virtual assistants to empower their businesses.

In previous posts, we have talked about the different tasks that a real estate VA can do for your business. This time we are going to be a little more specific about the content that your virtual assistant can create to support the maintenance and growth of your business.

1. Website

When you are starting your business and you create your website, you want it to look a specific way, know that it is protected, and it is equally important that it has all the necessary information so that your customers know who you are, what you have done, what they can expect from you, how to contact you, among other important details. By the way, did you know that the 3rd most viewed page on a real estate agent’s website is the “about us” page? You will want to keep your information updated, optimized, and attractive.

Web Content

2. Blog

Let’s keep talking about your website. Now let’s think about the value you are creating for your customers because, while it is true that the strength of the business is to close sales, to get there you must take into account the whole process that your prospects go through and be able to create content for each stage they are in.

So if you think about the prospects who want more information about the details to be taken into account when selling or buying a property, you will want to give them all the information available. That way you are also demonstrating your expertise.

#3 Social Media

Speaking of being prepared for whatever stage your prospects are in, you must keep your social media updated and provide as much value as possible to your prospects. This will clearly depend on your marketing strategies. However, your virtual assistant can take care of creating all the designs and copies for your social networks, focused on the niche you have chosen for your business.

#4 Newsletter

Have you ever read a badly written email or found a message too long and boring? Well, your virtual assistant can create a newsletter feed that is fresh, direct, and with your personal touch. All you need to do is explain exactly what you want and voilá, you’ll have quality content for your client list.

#5 Listings

Your virtual assistant can take care of keeping your property listings up to date and aesthetically pleasing. Your VA can create designs to emphasize some features of the properties so that they are more eye-catching. Your only task here would be to confirm the properties available and your virtual assistant would be in charge of creating content that will captivate the eye of your prospects.

real estate listings

#6 Contracts

Although contract details vary according to the client, you can have templates that help your VA create contracts with the data of each new client that is closing a deal. The important thing here is that you have very good communication and, of course, a confidentiality agreement.

#7 Brochures

So far, we have talked about digital content and we know that conditions have changed in the world and that there are not so many open houses or events in general anymore. But whenever you have an event prepared, you can count on physical material such as brochures that your VA can make to highlight all the benefits of choosing you, the property they are viewing, and even leave a list of similar properties for them to review.

Now that we have talked about some of the main content creations that a real estate VA can do to support the maintenance and growth of your business, you may be wondering what other tasks a virtual assistant can do in a real state business?

Find out as soon as possible by booking a strategic call with our director Claudia to know all the details about it!


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