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5 Types of Specialized Virtual Assistants You May Need in Your Company

Specialized Virtual Assistants

Specialized virtual assistants are becoming more and more common in the business world. Some of them have been professionals who, due to the pandemic situation, saw the opportunity to develop their practice at the virtual level. Other virtual assistants have been training and specializing in an area of high demand.

However, the demand for specialized services has helped create a market for specialized virtual assistants.

The Origin of VAs

To understand the origin of virtual assistants we must travel back to the beginning of the secretarial services industry. It was initially only open to men until the invention of the typewriter. From that time on, it was women who occupied secretarial positions.

After 1930, when men disappeared from this market, the typewriter evolved. First to word processing systems, then to telephones and fax machines.

In 1994, a digital revolution began with the use of the Internet in business. Business transactions could now be conducted thousands of miles away. This invention marked the birth of the virtual industry, which was consolidated with the creation of the term “virtual assistance” by Thomas Lenard and Anastasia Stacy Brice.

Brice became the world’s first virtual assistant by performing full-time secretarial duties from home. The invention of the internet was the birth of a new type of profession.

Evolution of Virtual Assistants

In 1995, Christine Durst founded the virtual assistant industry and wrote the book “The Second Commute”. She approached this establishment as a revolution in working from home and encouraged the masses around the world to take full advantage of the Internet. He encouraged professionals to pursue their passions, their unique sense of independence, and their personal goals while earning at home.

By 1997, a world had already been created around this new profession and that was further cemented with the creation of AssistU.

In 1999, Christine Durst collaborated with Michael Haaren to create Staffcentrix and the International Virtual Assistants Association (IVSA). The IVSA is a professional organization of virtual assistants and all home-based professionals in 16 countries today. The International Virtual Assistants Association was founded to professionalize and create standards and codes of accountability for those who provide work-from-home administrative services.

Specialized Virtual Assistants

Current Demand for VAs

What once started from the invention of shorthand has now grown into something much bigger.

Virtual assistants were previously associated only with secretarial tasks. However, as the business world has evolved, so have VAs around the world.

Assistants are no longer just an extra pair of hands that can help you with time-consuming tasks. The work of specialized virtual assistants has expanded far beyond small, basic tasks.

Specialized virtual assistants are offering solutions that can help companies grow. This is all thanks to the fact that they keep up to date on the latest technology, skills needed, industry challenges, trends, and more.

The high demand for virtual assistants today is evident. Both large and small companies realize how scaling will help them earn high amounts of return with virtual assistants.

Areas of Specialized Virtual Assistants

Thanks mainly to our experience at There is Talent, we have realized that there are at least 5 types of specialized virtual assistants that you may need in your business.

1. Specialized Marketing and Sales Virtual Assistants

A marketing specialist can focus on all aspects of your digital presence, from where you share posts and why, to tracking analytics, refining the look and feel of your content, and helping you turn your customers, readers, and clients into brand ambassadors.

This type of specialized virtual assistant is perfect for companies that are ready to increase their visibility, grow their following, and take a place of influence in their industry.

It is very important to emphasize that a virtual assistant specialized in Marketing and Sales should help companies to promote themselves. She should also be in charge of overseeing the management of content on social networks.

In the same way, it is important that they know how to generate and nurture leads, manage WordPress, and support email marketing.

2. Human Resources

In general, executive virtual assistants support human resources processes in companies. Either in the recruitment and selection of personnel or at the level of payroll details.

Virtual assistants specialized in Human Resources should be people with a certain background in the area.

People skills, organization, and great attention to detail are critically important, especially if they work with contracts.

3. Virtual Assistants Specializing in Web Development

Although it is true that there are many freelancers who have been supporting companies with the development of their websites for a long time, having this type of assistant is much more complete.

Let’s remember that virtual assistants started out as secretarial assistants and it is quite unusual for them not to do some kind of administrative work, regardless of whether they are specialized in one area or not.

Virtual assistants specialized in web development can not only support administrative tasks but also take care of creating the best design for your online site. In addition, they can also be in charge of administering or managing your website so that you never have problems. What you are looking for is to create a design so that you can take your prospects to where they are going to buy from you.

Specialized Virtual Assistants

4. Content Creation

Whether we are talking about writing, images, videos, etc., we are talking about content. This content is what you will be sharing on your company’s social networks or on your website.

Virtual assistants specialized in content creation must have very specific skills such as knowledge of graphic design or writing experience. They should be creative people who know the brand in detail.

The more your virtual assistant specialized in content creation knows about your brand, the better the result will be.

5. Virtual Assistants for Customer Support

One of the most important areas in any company is customer service or support.

Virtual assistants specialized in customer support are service-oriented and experienced people.

Customer service is a very sensitive area in all companies, therefore, it is necessary to have people who know how to meet the needs of customers at every stage of the buyer’s journey.

With this in mind, many companies have developed a multichannel system that allows their users to get the necessary assistance in their favorite channel. By this, we mean chat, email, calls, and even social networks.

Where to Get Specialized Virtual Assistants

There is Talent is an outsourcing services company that provides its clients with any type of assistance they need.

The process starts with filling out a simple form or directly scheduling a strategic call with our director. The latter is usually the preferred option for our clients.

In this strategic call, we discuss the needs of each client and proceed to manage our database to connect the ideal person for each client.

If you want to start enjoying the benefits of having a specialized virtual assistant, schedule your call today!


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