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5 Tasks a Sales Virtual Assistant in Latin America Can Do

Sales Virtual Assistant

A Sales Virtual Assistant is a type of specialized VAs that is being seen more frequently in the market. Despite the fact that virtual assistants were traditionally hired for administrative tasks only, this is slowly changing.

Virtual assistants are becoming more specialized as demand shifts in the business world. We used to know VAs that handled secretarial or administrative tasks such as managing agendas. Now there are VAs so specialized that they are working in very technical areas such as web development; this without leaving aside the basic administrative tasks.

Fortunately, the supply of VAs has grown so much that many have been motivated to learn more. Even though we aren’t necessarily speaking about professionals here, many have trained very well to meet clients’ needs.

Sales Virtual Assistants: The New Market

One of the main specialties that are sought after like hot cakes are sales virtual assistants. In this digital world, it is increasingly necessary to attend to the qualification of leads.

No business can pass up on lead nurturing under any circumstances. While it is possible that a business is growing and still does not have a sales team, it is also true that somehow there must be someone in charge of attending to leads.

Sales are another essential part of any business, and without sales, there is no business. So it is of prime necessity to take care of the strategies to not only get customers to buy our products or services but also to keep them coming back.

Sales virtual assistants are one of the best strategies you can use if you are in that stage of growth.

That’s why, in this article, we are sharing the main tasks that a sales virtual assistant can perform.

Sales Virtual Assistant

#1 A Sales Virtual Assistant Handles Outbound Calls

The idea of outbound calls doesn’t sit well with many business owners. Some would rather put their resources to work in a less awkward situation than cold calling.

However, outbound calling still has its place in the sales ecosystem, and working with a sales virtual assistant can take them away from that burnout-inducing burden.

#2 CRM and Data Entry: Easy Tasks for a Sales Virtual Assistant

Data entry and CRM maintenance are two tasks that tend to be time-consuming, don’t require a lot of autonomy, and that many entrepreneurs prefer to delegate and what better option to delegate than to a virtual sales assistant?

Virtual sales assistants are familiar with this type of task and it has already become a routine for them, while for many entrepreneurs it is a heavy burden.

#3 A Sales Virtual Assistant Takes Care of Lead Generation

The process of leading nurture requires time and effort, but it is also a fairly predictable process.

If you delegate this task to your virtual sales assistant, all you have to worry about is setting up a schedule and a script. Your virtual sales assistant can take care of lead generation as well as nurturing your leads for you and then funneling the ones that are ready to your sales team.

#4 Social Selling is an Excellent Strategy that Sales Virtual Assistants Use

Incorporating social selling means having resources available online and at your buyer’s fingertips to continue working with them throughout the sales process.

When it comes time to make the final buying decision, cultivating a relationship by listening and maintaining close (but not overwhelming) social and online contact can help you convert them and ensure their loyalty to your product.

#5 A Sales Virtual Assistant Can Handle Omnichannel Selling

The wide variety of ways consumers can obtain data and information makes omnichannel sales strategies effective. According to the Harvard Business Review, nearly three-quarters of shoppers review the information and evaluate the product across multiple channels or touchpoints.

With this in mind, companies that combine resources in a multi-tiered omnichannel approach will be able to generate leads, qualify and nurture them, and have a higher likelihood of getting the “yes” and closing the deal.

Sales Virtual Assistant

Benefits of Having a Sales Virtual Assistant in Latin America

#1 You save costs

Virtual sales assistants in Latin America represent incredible cost savings since you don’t have to pay for health insurance, equipment, or work areas. In addition, virtual sales assistants in Latin America offer cheaper labor than in the US.

#2 You improve time management

Many of the tasks mentioned above consume a lot of time and energy. That’s why when you delegate long or repetitive tasks like data entry to a virtual sales assistant, you have more free time. That time you can use to dedicate it to enhance your company’s growth strategies.

#3 You enhance your processes and communication with customers

Virtual sales assistants in Latin America work in time zones very similar to those in the U.S. This is one of the main advantages that VAs in Latin America have over VAs in Asia. On the other hand, with a virtual sales assistant in Latin America, you have a person who not only delivers quality work but also represents the opportunity to have better communication with you and your team as well as with your customers.

In summary, Latino VAs are an excellent option for business owners who are mainly located in the USA.

Our intention at There is Talent is to provide you with the best human resource you can find to scale your business and achieve your goals.

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