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5 Facts About There is Talent VAs That Will Help You Scale Your Business

There is Talent VAs

There is Talent VAs are people who are highly trained to work with busy entrepreneurs like you because our team of VAs knows how to meet the needs of our clients because we have prepared them to do so.

At There is Talent we know the importance of managing time in a more efficient way to achieve goals. That is why we prepare our team of VAs to get the most out of their day.

Let’s review then, the main facts why There is Talent’s VAs are helping American entrepreneurs scale their businesses:

There is Talent VAs are Proactive

Has it ever happened to you that instead of taking weight off your plate, your VA becomes an eternal trainee who has to be constantly told and repeated what to do?

This has been a common problem for most of our clients; finding VAs who need a babysitter. This type of VA tends to be very passive and expects a thousand details to be explained to her that she can figure out herself. In contrast, our VAs are highly proactive people who seek to solve all of our clients’ requirements. Those contacts for doubts or questions are usually for very important or specific details related to that company’s systems.

Therefore, our priority is to make the experience with our services a relief to the frequent workload.

Our VAs Know the Basic Systems for the Job

After the pandemic, the offers of virtual assistants have increased worldwide; however, it is important to emphasize that not all of these people are sufficiently trained.

This is a reality that we can easily observe on freelancer platforms when posting a job offer.

It is understandable that many people are taking advantage of the momentum for remote work; the problem is for those who are looking for people experienced in the use of tools, platforms, and basic software.

That’s why at There is Talent, we focus on preparing our VAs to have a basic set of skills. Not only do we select the best talent in Latin America, but we also enhance their knowledge.


There is Talent’s VAs Learn Quickly

As we mentioned in the previous point, our team of VAs not only has prior knowledge but we enhance it. In this process of honing skills, we also seek to filter out the VAs most capable of adapting to new knowledge. Then, we are left with the VAs that can learn faster and be efficient in handling new tasks. This makes the onboarding processes with our clients much smoother.

The ability to learn new skills or leverage existing ones is a fundamental part of a good team member; especially if you are focused on the steady growth of a company.

The team member who has the ability to adapt to new environments first is the one who will be able to consolidate processes. Thus, step by step, the growth of a company is enhanced.

Our VAs Use the Best Tools to Maintain the Organization

We are very clear that most of our clients need support with the organization of their business processes. We are also aware that technology is constantly changing, and with both in mind, we focus on providing our VAs with the most efficient tools.

After trial and error, we have found that there are certain tools that work better for one type of client or another. For example, using project management tools like Asana may be very effective for some employers but not so much for others.

What we do at There is Talent is to weigh the tools according to the needs of our clients. After that, we can make some recommendations to boost the organizational efficiency of the work.


There is Talent VAs Are Easily Achievable by Time Zone

Didn’t we mention this before? Our VAs are located in Latin America and work in the same time zones as the US. Unlike many VAs in Asia, our VAs are much easier to reach. Not to mention the ability to understand American culture. Let’s be honest, Latin Americans are very steeped in American culture; especially in countries like Colombia, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, and Mexico.

It is much easier for a Latin American to identify with the American business culture than it is for an Asian.

In addition to all of the above, it is important to note that Asian VAs, especially Filipino VAs, can be affected by the climate. And it is a common factor to see how typhoon season can affect electricity, therefore the internet and ultimately your work.

Know All the Benefits of Hiring VAs with There is Talent

It is a common factor to look for VAs to save costs and improve time management; if you add to this the time zone factor, you have a unique combination of benefits.

But we don’t just focus on fulfilling the 3 basics necessary for an American entrepreneur looking for VAs. We also want you to have the best experience with our services; so we focus on hiring the best talent that ensures an impeccable quality of work.

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