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4 Reasons Latino Virtual Assistants Are a Smart Investment

Latino Virtual Assistants

Latino virtual assistants are rapidly becoming the smartest investment for American entrepreneurs, let’s check out why.

When your business begins to grow, it is likely that you will be flooded with repetitive tasks while others begin to appear. At this point where it is necessary to take care of your base so to handle new challenges, what you need is effectiveness and immediacy, and not be wandering in the responsibilities of hiring personnel who will need infrastructure, insurance, etc. This, along with all the challenges of a growing company, can be much more than you can handle, operationally and economically.

This is why Latino virtual assistants are always the best option when it comes to savings, effectiveness, speed and quality of work.

It is no secret that virtual assistants are changing the world of entrepreneurs by helping them reduce their workload, but it is also important to mention that virtual assistants are not just people to delegate functions to. They can be important members of your team to whom you can give a voice, especially if they are a dedicated virtual assistant.

And this is an important point because the idea that most entrepreneurs have of virtual assistants is that they are people who work with more than one client and that there is not enough commitment from their part.

However, at this moment we are seeing Latin America consolidating as the most effective destination for business owners in the United States and Canada who want to outsource certain tasks or departments such as customer service.

This is because Latin American professionals offer a mix of benefits found in off-shore and on-shore workers.

Latino Virtual Assistants
Let’s take a closer look at what our Latino talent has to offer:

1. Reduced labor and employment costs

The first aspect we can take into account is that Latin American virtual assistants offer you an automatic return on investment when compared to on-site staff or a virtual assistant in the U.S. This is mainly because an on-site worker represents recruitment expenses, infrastructure, insurance, among others, and a virtual assistant in the U.S. also represents a much higher hourly expense than a virtual assistant in Latin America. In short, you don’t pay the same amount to on-site staff or a virtual assistant in the U.S. as you do to a virtual assistant in Latin America.

At There is Talent, we take care of connecting you to a virtual assistant that meets your requirements and it is a flexible process. Therefore, you can use the services of your virtual assistant whenever you want. We can also connect you with another person that you feel is more in line with your company and your way of working. In addition, you are completely free of any obligations such as medical insurance, hiring costs, or training, and don’t even worry about vacations, payments for services such as electricity or internet. All of this comes from each virtual assistant.

2. Better communication

By hiring a Latino virtual assistant, you are counting on a person who has the same or at least a fairly similar time zone. This by far is an incredible advantage when you want to communicate with your virtual assistant in an emergency because you know the person will be available. If you have a remote team, you can meet with all of them at the same time and avoid having extra meetings due to time differences. You also save money regarding night shifts that could be more expensive if you hire staff in places like India or the Philippines.

In short, hiring a virtual assistant in Latin America is a better investment of your time and money. You’ll have more availability and less cultural barriers, which translates into better communication.

Communication with latino VAs

3. Fresh perspective

Sometimes you can find yourself on a plateau at the operational level and this can happen for various reasons: you have a small team to cover many tasks, repetition of tasks has become a constraint on the creativity of the team, meetings have deteriorated or you do not have enough feedback from your clients or your own team. So, bringing a new person into the team can represent a fresh start that you can take full advantage of if you work efficiently. A new member of your team represents greater productivity because you can work together with your team as if they were all in the same place.

Our virtual assistants are not only trained to accomplish all the necessary tasks but they are also innovative and have that proactive and cheerful attitude characteristic of Latinos. They like to work and work well, create alternatives to improve processes, support what is already working, and promote best practices so that the work environment is efficient but comfortable and relaxed. And you know that the better the work environment, the better the results for your company.

4. Similar work culture

Being geographically closer than countries like the Philippines or India, common destinations when outsourcing, Latin countries have been permeated by American culture over the years. There is a high population of Spanish speaking people in the United States, much higher than the number of inhabitants coming from Asian cultures such as India or the Philippines. This also means that Latinos are more accustomed to the fast culture in business. The sense of urgency along with the natural vocation of service makes them the best when it comes to solving urgent situations. Latino virtual assistants know how to prioritize the urgent and the important. They are quick to solve problems that arise and can be there when you need them. You don’t have to wait for them to wake up to work their shift.

In short, Latino virtual assistants are an effective solution to help you reduce workload, costs, time, and communication problems.

By hiring a Latino virtual assistant you are ensuring the best of both on-shore and off-shore virtual assistants. You will find quality and quantity, innovation, freshness of ideas, support, and the best environment your team can have.

Do you want to know more about our team?

Book a strategic call with our director Claudia and we’ll tell you all the details so you can start working with the best talent in Latin America right away!


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