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3 Myths About Overseas Virtual Assistants Debunked

Overseas Virtual Assistants

Overseas virtual assistants have been becoming one of the first solutions for entrepreneurs in the USA. However, despite their efficiency, those who have not worked with them may have many doubts about them.

If you are one of those entrepreneurs, this article is for you!

Growing a Business with Overseas Virtual Assistants

One of the main challenges that every entrepreneur encounters when trying to grow their business is finding enough time. That necessary time to dedicate to the tasks that push the business forward and make them increase their income.

The catch is that many entrepreneurs don’t want to outsource these tasks, especially to offshore virtual assistants. However, it’s important to think about what are the pros and cons of hiring people in the US vs. overseas.

Let’s review the details:

When you hire a person in the US to do a job at a physical location, what happens?

You must pay for on-site utilities, work equipment, contract salary, health insurance, vacation, sick days, among others.

Among the most positive aspects, we find that they are people of your own culture and in whom you can feel more confident.

On the other hand, if you hire a virtual assistant, especially abroad, everything changes.

Let’s start by mentioning the money savings. These people have their office equipped at home, you pay by the hour and forget about health insurance, among other details.

Virtual Assistance for Entrepreneurs

U.S. Virtual Assistants vs. Overseas Virtual Assistants

Let’s say you’ve decided to work with a virtual assistant, so which is your best option, US or overseas?

Again, let’s review the pros and cons:

US Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants of all types represent considerable money savings and better time management. However, it is important to note that virtual assistants in the US have more expensive rates. This is obviously due to the fact that the currency is the dollar for both you and them.

Still, virtual assistants in the U.S. somehow generate a greater sense of trust and comfort.

Overseas Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants abroad generally represent lower labor costs. However, there are some details that are sometimes not taken into account, especially for VAs in Asia, and by this, we mean time zones. Yes, it is true that many Filipino VAs work night shifts to comply with U.S. work schedules; the catch is that many of them charge a night surcharge.

However, if you are looking for a VA that will work night shifts for your company, that is, while you sleep, this is an excellent option. Otherwise, you will be subject to time differences and possibly less fluid communication than someone who works in your time zone.

However, there are always better options, such as virtual assistants in Latin America. In them, you get the sweet spot between cost savings and the same time zones.

Are you interested? Keep reading!

Entrepreneurs’ Main Concerns about Hiring Overseas Virtual Assistants

We know that when you haven’t done something, you may have a lot of doubts, it happens to all of us. Thinking about it, we have decided to share the main doubts we have encountered. And we tell you the truth about it!

Myth #1: They are not skilled enough to do the job

This is one of the main concerns or beliefs of some entrepreneurs in the US. This happens mainly because they get carried away by unsatisfactory experiences of other entrepreneurs who have hired overseas VAs.

Generally, virtual assistants are trained to perform basic secretarial or administrative tasks. Things like handling emails, scheduling, receiving calls, among others. However, there are VAs specialized in certain areas that will make your job much easier.

Virtual assistants abroad can handle Social Media management, they can take care of your bookkeeping which can be a headache. In the same way, you can find virtual assistants abroad so specialized that they can handle websites.

Another of the best specialties is digital marketing, lead generation, and preparation of sales funnels.

Myth N° 2: They can scam me!

While it is true that there have been some cases since virtual assistants came into existence, they represent a minority.

The truth is that there may be some risks if you focus on hiring VAs on platforms with directories.

Some platforms may be more solid and reliable than others, however, there is no guarantee that this will not happen.

On the other hand, if you rely on agencies like There is Talent, you have the backing of a company that makes sure to deliver the best results.

Ovserseas Virtual Assistants

Myth N° 3: Hiring VAs abroad is expensive

Nothing could be further from the truth! In fact, as mentioned above, virtual assistants abroad are the cheapest!

Virtual assistants in the US charge double and sometimes triple what a VA abroad charges. Also, if you consider how much money your time is worth, you can easily realize that a VA is an excellent investment.

Thinking about it, keep in mind that if an hour of your time is worth as little as $20 USD, you can still get a VA for less than that amount. So, it’s worth thinking about what you’re investing in.

With a VA abroad you save time and money, plus if you think about VAs in Latin America, you have the added bonus that they work in your time zone!

Let’s review the Conversation about Overseas Virtual Assistants

Is it worth it to work with Virtual Assistants abroad?

Definitely yes. It’s worth saving money and improving your use of time to focus on what demands your undivided attention.

How can you avoid risks?

The best way to avoid wasting time and having a bad time is to hire an agency like There is Talent.

We not only take care of selecting the best match for you; we can also support you with the monitoring of your VA to ensure optimal performance and excellent results.

The procedure is more than simple: you schedule a strategic call where we will cover all the details of your requirements. We take care of finding the best prospects for you and you decide after interviewing them, who will become your ideal VA.

What are you waiting for? Contact us today!


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